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Order Add-on/Change Policy


We understand that you might place your order and then realize that you missed, or forgot, items. However, there are some things that you need to know regarding adding items to your existing order.

Orders Paid For With A Credit Card 

If you paid with a credit card, then we can quickly and easily perform a secondary transaction to charge you for the additional items, which takes us about a minute, and the order update will automatically process in our system. Our system does not store credit card information. However, our merchant processing system does allow us to execute one additional charge to your credit card used for the order as long as it is under $100. There is no additional charge for this process.

However, anything over $100, and we will have to create and send you a payment item link at our Payment Central section of our store, and you will have make this additional payment. Once payment is made, we manually notify the warehouse of the order update. For us jumping through these hoops to make your order add-on happen, your payment item link will include a $3.00 processing fee.

Orders Paid For With PayPal 

If you paid for your order with PayPal, then we will not be able to execute the simpler tasks mentioned above. We will have to manually create a PayPal Invoice and send it to you, so that you can make the payment via PayPal. Once you make the payment, then we will manually send the order update out to the warehouse. This takes us additional time and manpower to make this happen, so there will be a processing fee of $5.00 for us to take the time to jump through these particular hoops to accommodate your order add-on.

Order Add-Ons & Shipping Cost 

Please keep in mind that adding items to an order will also most likely add to your shipping cost (unless they are a small item in a quantity that won't affect the shipping cost). Any additional shipping cost will also be added to the cost of the additional items added to your order, along with any other processing fees mentioned above.

Also, if your order has already been packaged and staged for shipping before you decide to add items to your order and we have to open up and re-pack a package to insert your additional items, there will be an additional $5.00 handling fee.

If these policies seem irritating, or unfair, to you then please keep this in mind: your mistake causes us labor time, which costs us money, so we pass this on to you. What's that you say? You'd prefer a more fair solution? Then how about making sure your order is correct before you place it. Thanks.