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Don't See It?


Did you check our "I Really Need That!™" section yet? No? Okay, read on then.

Maybe you don't see the parts or hardware that you might need on our store. That's because we try to keep things simple for you by listing the most common available parts, hardware, and materials for building 95% of possible road case styles. We want to make your search for parts & materials as simple and painless as possible for you, and not overwhelm you with hundreds of parts that you will most likely have no use for in your project. However, if you don't see what you need, JUST ASK - WE MOST LIKELY HAVE IT OR WE WILL FIND IT FOR YOU!


We carry a small select inventory of the basic parts in black finish. However, we don't do black anodizing or powder coating on extrusions or the rest of the parts in our inventory. This is because there is very little need for it in the road case industry, as it is merely cosmetic, and does not withstand the rigors of the intended purpose of road cases. There are basically 3 main companies in the world that manufacture extrusions for the road case industry (our partner being one of them), and none of them provide black extrusions unless it would be a special order from a case company in very large quantities, as it is an after-market process performed by a third party. We know you have seen cases out there with black hardware/extrusions from certain companies. Such cases are fine if you will be handling your cases yourself under low-impact conditions. However, under normal transit conditions we can tell you that while they look cool when new, they end up looking like crap after a good amount of use from scratching, and that is why they are not that popular. Unless you plan on taking extra care with the handling of them for personal use, we don't recommend spending the extra money on having hardware/extrusions plated/anodized. We have had customers that have taken our extrusions to a local plating company in their area and had nice work performed on them, but it isn't cheap.

We also have all the technical support that you could need regarding any questions or help that you might need regarding your specific project. We respond back to you ASAP for all of your support matters. Simply e-mail us at: support@diyroadcases.com  with any general questions, design questions, or parts questions, and we will respond quickly with an answer or solution. Please include your phone number for even faster response between e-mails.