High Quality Birch Cutting Service


We now offer Custom Cutting Service for our High Quality Birch with Black Hexa Pattern!

Unlike our traditional cutting service that only allows you to make a few straight cuts to help reduce shipping costs, our new Custom Cutting Service (for Hexa Birch only) allows you to make more cuts, so you can spend less time on your project, and less on shipping! Let us cut your case walls, so all you have to do is make cuts for your handles and latches! 

This service also allows our customers to order less than full sheets, saving you money!

Since this is a custom service, prices will vary depending on the size of your case walls. Each cut piece will also carry a $5.00 cutting fee. For a general idea on pricing, multiply your total square inches by $0.03.

To find your total square inches, multiply length x width. 

Example: 24"x24" = 576"

576" x $0.03 = $17.28 + $5.00 cutting fee

Total cost for this one cut piece would be approximately $23, plus shipping.

To place your Custom Cutting Service order for our High Quality Birch with Black Hexa, send your completed cut sheet to We will send you a link with your custom pricing and shipping cost, through Payment Central. All you have to do is add the item to your cart and check out! We'll cut and ship your plywood directly to you!

You can find the plywood cut sheet packet with instructions HERE