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Lidmaker #1 / Extrusion 1/4" - 6 ft.

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  • Lidmaker #1 / Extrusion 1/4" - 6 ft.
  • Lidmaker #1 / Extrusion 1/4" - 6 ft.


Lidmaker Extrusion. This extrusion is used for creating low profile (thin) lids for cases. It has a built-in hybrid tongue & groove that mates with our other stand-alone hybrids to create the lid closure. The keeper plate for valance-spanning latch hooks mounts directly to the front facing of the lidmaker (see graphics below), or you can also use our small and medium recessed split-dish latches, but you will have to make the dish cutout in the lidmaker.  

NOTE: Mill finish unanodized extrusions can commonly incur surface abrasions during shipment from rubbing together if they incur harsh handling during the shipment process. This is not abnormal, and is easy to remedy by rubbing the extrusions with some #0000 Fine Grade Steel Wool, cheaply available at any hardware store.

- CNSE0850 Hybrid Tongue & Groove Extrusion (seen here)
CNSL0737/54 Small Valance-Spanning Latch & Keeper (seen here)
- CNSL905/928 Medium Recessed Latch / NO OFFSETS (seen here)
- CNS3758 Small Recessed Latch (seen here)
- CNS3759 Mini Recessed Latch (seen here)
- Our Surface Latches (seen here)
- CNSC1358Z Brace Ball Corner (PREFERRED) (seen here)
   (or CNSC1082Z Brace Ball Corner if CNSC1358Z is out of stock) (seen here)

IMPORTANT NOTE!!: When you use the lidmaker extrusion, the dimensions of the top (lid) panel are a bit larger than the case bottom panel. Normally those two panels would be the same, but the lidmaker extrusion's design inherently has no other panels other than the top panel, whereas the bottom half of the case has 5 panels constructed with the double angle corner extrusions as the framework. These differences will cause the lid panel to be cut slightly larger than the bottom panel to make up for the dimensional thickness of the lid assembly's "missing panels" (front, back and 2 sides).

Material: Mill Finished Aluminum|




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