M868007 - CORE RIDGID-HEAVY DUTY - COMPOSITE SHEET- black (7mm 1/4 ")

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More than 50% lighter than its comparable wood thickness, CoreRigid is a strong plastic and used in situations where eliminating weight is the main concern. This is not cheap, but if your budget is secondary to making your case as light and strong as possible, then this is for you. Since the purpose of DIY Road Cases® is to build a bona fide, factory-quality, ATA-style flight cases, we do not suggest this for heavy-duty applications, very large cases, or cases that will have a significant amount of weight inside. However, if you have a specific need for this CoreRigid it is way to go for maximum weight reduction. CoreRigid composite panels are a plywood alternative formulated to offer exceptional performance at high temperatures while delivering robust strength and stiffness properties. Created by layering two tough ABS sheets around a semi-hollow inner core, they retain the performance of plywood while also resisting chemical splashes and thermal distortion.

- 3-layer ABS with semi hollow core
- Ideal plywood alternative for flight cases
- Highly rigid with superb stiffness
- Excellent impact and tensile strength
- Exceptional high temperature performance
- Resistant against chemicals and thermal distortion
- No need for specialist equipment to cut or drill
- 2.44m x 1.22m / 96" x 48" (8'x4’) sheets with four choices of thickness

M868007 Black 7mm / 1/4" 9.1kg/20.06lb
M868009 Black 9mm / 3/8" 10kg/22.05lb
M868012 Black 12mm / 1/2" 13.7kg/30.2lb

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