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THE "WE NEED SLEEP" DISCLAIMER: Even though we are known for responding to emails, answering phones, and returning phone messages 7 days a week and pretty much 16 hours a day with our world-class support, OUR OFFICIAL CORPORATE BUSINESS HOURS ARE 9AM-5PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, MON-FRI. So, please, NO WHINING if you can't get ahold of, or get a super speedy reply from, someone at the exact moment you contact us outside of those business hours. We'll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

For Sales or Product Issues:

For Support Issues: support@diyroadcases.com

For The Following Issues:

"I'm really stressing out and can't wait for an e-mail reply."

"I'm really impatient."

"My dog ate my e-mail password and I can't access my account right now."

"My email client is down." 

"I prefer the warmth and consolation of a real, caring, human voice."

"I enjoy being able to take advantage of all options available to me."

Then Please Feel Free To Call  213-341-0026