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THE "WE NEED SLEEP" DISCLAIMER: Even though we are known for responding to emails, answering phones, and returning phone messages 7 days a week and pretty much 16 hours a day with our world-class support, OUR OFFICIAL CORPORATE BUSINESS HOURS ARE 9AM-5PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, MON-FRI. So, please, NO WHINING if you can't get ahold of, orget a speedy reply from, someone at the exact moment you contact us outside of those business hours. We'll do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

For Sales or Product Issues:

For Support Issues: support@diyroadcases.com

For The Following Issues:

"I'm really stressing out and can't wait for an e-mail reply."

"I'm really impatient."

"My dog ate my e-mail password and I can't access my account right now."

"My email client is down." 

"I prefer the warmth and consolation of a real, caring, human voice."

"I enjoy being able to take advantage of all options available to me."

The Please Feel Free To Call  213-341-0026

Sometimes you might want to chat about a topic instead of going back and forth with emails. Skype is a great tool for that. While we try to be logged into Skype as much as possible, our schedule on any given day my not always allow for this. If we are not online at the time you try and chat with us, send us an email us and let us know that you'd like to Skype with us, and we can try and arrange a time that works for both of us!

::::: For Skype* Real-time Chat :::::
Full Name: DIY Road Cases
Skype Name: diyroadcases

*I am sure everyine already knows all about Skype by now, but if not . . . Skype is a free, easy and quick to sign up for, and does not require a web cam, phone, or any special computer setup to utilze the chat service associated with a Skpe account. It is a great tool for communicating with us for real-time chat solutions to your questions or problems - especially if you are in the middle of a project. Even if we are not on Skype at the exact moment you are on (depending on time of day, location, etc.), we can still get back to you with an answer quickly. CLICK HERE to get your Skpye account up and running and we'll see you there!