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Black Hardware


We carry a small select inventory of the basic parts in black finish. However, we don't do black anodizing, or powder coating, on extrusions. This is because there is actually very little request for black extrusions in the road case industry in comparison to standard finish. The same goes for rivets. If you build a case with our black hardware, it will look somewhat like the case pictured above. Most of our clients that build cases with our black hardware are trying to achive such a color contrast, and most commonly utilize it with ABS colors that have good visual appeal with the black hardware and silver extrusions combination, such as white, silver, or grey ABS.

If you are looking for an all black finish, then you will have to take our extrusions to a local plating company in your area and purchase rivets with black heads from a fastener distributor. Keep in mind that neither of those options will be cheap. Your other option is to paint your extrusions (prior to assembly) and then touch up your rivet heads (after assembly). It's  bit time consuming, but may be worth it in order to achieve your desired effect at a very affordable cost. However, keep in mind that paint is nowhere near as durable as anodizing, or powder coating. If your case is going to take a beating, plan on frequent paint touch-ups to keep the case looking good. However, if you your case will be used in low-impact scenarios, then painting may be just the solution.

* Parts & Materials Appearance May Vary At Times From Photos Due To Variance & Availability In Raw Materials. Also, Parts Substitutions Will Automatically Be Carried Out On Our End Due To Stock Availability (In Lieu Of Backorders) To Fulfill & Ship Your Order Complete. Any Substitutions Will Be Of Equal or Better Capability, And Be Of Comparable Dimensional Proportion & Functionality As The Original Part Ordered. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND THAT YOU PRE-DRILL OR PRE-CUT ANY HOLES, FITTINGS, OR FIXTURES UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR PARTS IN HAND IN ORDER TO PREVENT ANY MISALIGNMENT, SIZING, OR DESIGN ISSUES. We Will Contact You In the Event Where A Stock Issue Cannot Be Reasonably Substituted To Discuss Options.