Q: Are these types of cases just for music equipment?
Not at all. The type of cases that may be built with our product line can be used for ANYTHING that you want to protect in transit. 
Q: Don't road cases take up a lot of room?
Road cases made to fit an item really don't take up anymore room than standard fiber or molded cases and bags. Additionally, one larger road case can take the place of multiple fiber or molded cases and bags. Two or three road cases will hold as much gear as ten to fifteen miscellaneous fiber or molded cases and bags. Therefore, they actually take up less floor space. They will also fit more efficiently in a van or truck used to transport your gear. It also makes for fewer trips when moving your gear to and from a vehicle. Multiple cases can be stacked in a garage, basement, or any room, for storage. Plus you can also stack a lot of other items on top of them, which also saves space in a vehicle or a room. 
Q: Aren't road cases difficult to move around by yourself?
Nope. I have moved my trunk-style cases around by myself numerous times over the years, even stacking them and navigating stairs. It’s all about using leverage to do the work. Plus, all of my road cases have casters. I’d much rather push around four or five road cases with casters than carry fifteen to twenty individual cases and bags. Smaller cases are even easier.
Q. I know that ordering custom cases from a manufacturer is very expensive, but isn't it still much more expensive to build road cases than buy fiber or plastic cases and bags?
Depending on what brand or style of fiber or molded cases and bags you buy, you will most likely spend less for parts and materials to build your own road cases, or possibly a small amount more. You spend a lot of money on the equipment that you want to protect, so even if the parts and materials to build your own road cases cost a little more than individual cases and bags, it is certainly worth the investment to protect your gear. Plus they look so cool! 
Q: How long does it take to build a case?
During the filming of for Do-It-Yourself Road Cases® I actually built four cases. It took me about two weeks, but let’s not forget that I WAS filming a video that included many re-takes to get things looking perfect, positioning for still photos, eating, sleeping, etc. Two weeks is actually pretty quick considering all of these factors involved in the filming for a DVD, but let’s not forget that I have been doing this on and off for many years whenever I needed new cases. A fair estimate for someone doing this for the first time would probably be to plan on a weekend for a case like the one in the DVD. 
Q. I have used power tools before, but I am not a carpenter by any means. Can I still build my own cases?
Yes. If you can follow detailed, step-by-step, direction, then you can do this! If you have set up a home entertainment system, assembled put-together furniture, built a dog house, installed shelving in your home, tried a new recipe in the kitchen, installed a new faucet, or any other number of countless tasks that you perform for the first time in your life — then you can absolutely do this! 
Q.What if I don't have all of the power tools that I see used in the video?
First, I want to mention that even purchasing some of the required power tools will still save you a considerable amount of money regarding your intended project if the project is large enough. However, you don’t have to have all of the power tools shown. Some may be replaced by manual hand tools, or smaller portable power tools if you are on a strict budget. For example, a manual hand riveter is a lot harder, and will take a lot longer, than a pneumatic riveter, but will still work. A hacksaw will work in place of a chop saw. A saber (Jig) saw will work in place of a table saw. A power hand drill will work in place of a drill press. If you choose to use manual hand tools, expect to be tired and sore at the end of the day. I started my case building years ago with nothing but manual hand tools and I can tell you that it worked just fine other than taking a bit longer. Regardless, i f you don't have any power tools, or your financial situation prevents you from buying any, then you can always rent power equipment fairly inexpensively, or better yet, BORROW the tools that you need from friends or family. I am sure that you know some folks that have the power tools, or other equipment, that you will need to complete the job — and that option won’t cost you anything! 
Q.What if I don't have a work shop, or a permanent area with work benches and such?
You can build your cases in a garage, basement, or even a spare room in your home. I built my first set of cases many years ago in a spare bedroom in an apartment, because I had no garage or basement. Just make sure that your case will fit through any doors in your home before you start building! Temporary work stations and work benches can be easily made out of saw horses and a piece of ¾” plywood at very little expense. They can also be easily and quickly set up and taken down if you do not have a designated shop area where you can leave everything set up during the course of your project. 
Q: Where can I get all the parts and materials I need?
You can get everything you need at the DIY Road Cases® online store, or by clicking the link at the top of each page entitled "Shop Online" at any time. We have partnered with the world’s largest, and most popular, manufacturer of parts and materials for cases. Because of this, we can offer the best prices available for everything that you need. If you find a better overall price on parts & materials for a project somewhere else, just prove it and we'll match it!