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Awesome build by the production team for Heavy Metal band GWAR.  Anyone that's been to a GWAR concert knows that you may get a little wet.  Their team built these DIY cases to hold the special substances that drench the crowd.


This photo booth case by John M. shows just how intricate a case you can make!  John paid special attention to detail in this build.  Not your typical flight case!


This hope chest was designed and built by customer Henry.  It's beautifully hand crafted and built with precise craftsmanship. 


These cases were built by customer Emilio.  Perfect examples of how pull out handles work.


Customer Dabney created this very unique and impressive case.  As a racing official he needed something that would protect the lasers that sense vehicles at very high speeds.


Customer Paaul J. used his woodworking and craftsmanship skills to build this classic case.  Very well done!

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