For Sales, Product & Support Inquiries 

We are very busy here at DIY Road Cases™ processing a large volume of daily orders, handling inquiries, and performing all of the other tasks that make us such an efficient vendor. In order to maintain our most affordable overall pricing on the web, it is important to keep down our operational costs as much as possible. Spending time on the phones takes valuable time away from our staff with regard to order processing, order fulfillment, and responding to email inquiries. And adding extra staff to man the phone lines adds overhead costs. Costs that we do not want to pass forward to our customers in the form of price increases.
Our experience and studies over time have shown us that anything that can be handled with a phone call can most certainly be handled just as effectively (and most times more efficiently) via email. There isn't a question, or issue, that can't be properly, and quickly, handled via email. And for our staff, and our daily routine, responding to emails is much easier and faster than spending time on the phones. Also, we have never run across an issue, or question, via phone that was so time sensitive, that having handled it via email would have affected the customer in any adverse way. 

However, if you still feel the need to call us, our number is (818) 206-0487

* "WE NEED SLEEP" DISCLAIMER: Even though we are known for responding to your inquiries within our rapid response time with our world-class support, OUR OFFICIAL CORPORATE BUSINESS HOURS ARE 9AM-5PM PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, MON-FRI. So, please, if you don't hear back from us within our normal rapid response time frame outside of those business hours, we are not ignoring you. We'll still do our best to get back to you in a very timely manner.