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During this time of 2021 manufacturers are behind due to lack of employees and raw materials. We're experiencing major shortages and changes on our supply chain daily base.

For Sales, Product & Support Inquiries 

Please understand we are a part store with DIY videos.

We do not help with designing and pricing of cases.

We do go through each order and make sure that the parts match and that the customer is getting the correct items.

In order to maintain our most affordable overall pricing, it is important to keep down our operational costs as much as possible. 
Our experience and studies over time have shown us that anything that can be handled with a phone call can most certainly be handled just as effectively (and most times more efficiently) via email. There isn't a question, or issue, that can't be properly, and quickly, handled via email. 

At this time we do not have a phone number available due to the shortages of materials we are experiencing too many phone calls please email us.