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Where Do I Begin?


Thank you for your interest with DIY Road Cases®.

As you can imagine we get dozens, if not hundreds, of inquiries each week with questions such as, can you help me design my case, what will I need to build a case for my guitar, I'm not sure where to get started can you call me so we can go over my project, how much will it cost me to build a case for my Roland XYZ mixer and what parts will I need, what will my shipping cost be for those parts, etc.

Unfortunately, there just aren't enough hours in the day for our staff to deal with so many such inquiries, as this is very time consuming.  If we were to do this, we'd have to hire about 7-10 more individuals who did nothing all day but deal with such inquiries. This would add much expense and hinder our ability to provide the best overall pricing on the web.This is why we provide all of the instructional media to help customers achieve their goals, even if they have never built anything in their lives! However . . .


Next, for customers who are not experienced with case building, I highly suggest purchasing our Flagship Educational Suite. This instructional suite is instrumental in getting yourself to a completely prepared stage to begin your project and make it a success.

Also for those customers, or for those of you who do not feel they need to start from the beginning, but have other questions, we also offer a wide variety of additional video tutorials regarding specialized topics such as, case design preparation, wall thickness options, custom foam cutting, and many others, at our FAQ Page, Support PageYouTube Channel, and here at our Online Store's Case Tube Videos section.

Once you have familiarized yourself with the information that you need, you can then go to our online store with your list of required parts & materials, get an idea of cost breakdowns, adjust your selections accordingly to meet your budget, and make your purchase so that you can get started on your case!

However, we definitely ARE here to help you !

Don't get us wrong, our support team is definitely ready and here to help you! It's just that once you have prepared yourself as best as you can, then if you have any specific questions regarding your particular case project, it will make things much easier and faster for us to communicate with you regarding your project. So email us any time at support@diyroadcases.com. We'll get back to you quickly. If it's urgent and time sensitive, then give us a call.

Hope that helps!