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Featured Case Project


This tilt-and-roll 2-tray xylophone case project comes from Paul in Champaign, IL. Felt-lined custom compartments with a beautiful natural varnished wood exterior. A work of art. Thanks for sharing Paul!


Case Styles Selector

This post was last updated on 08-19-2018This page provides you with all of the most common case styles and configurations. Unless you are building a very unique custom case, these case configurations should pretty much cover about 95% of the cases out there. Of course your case size, proportional dimensions and parts options will vary [...]

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This post was last updated on 08-11-2018We no longer ship direct to customers outside of the USA. If you are outside of the USA, but would still like to take advantage of our awesome prices without expensive international shipping costs, please utilize a parcel forwarding service. They are easy to use. No additional cost adjustments [...]

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Tip of the Week

This post was last updated on 09-10-2018

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This post was last updated on 08-19-2018Your payment on your credit card, bank, or PayPal statements, will appear as "DIYCASES" OR "PAYPAL DIYCASES"

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Store Credit Instructions

This post was last updated on 07-30-2018

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This post was last updated on 03-08-2019We now offer panel cutting to your specifications for sheets of pre-laminated wood and composite material - No more freight costs for small quantities of full sheets!2 SHEET MAXIMUM! — 3 SHEETS OR MORE STILL SHIPS MORE ECONOMICALLY IN FULL SHEETS ON A PALLET VIA FREIGHT CARRIER.Previously if you wanted pre-laminated wood [...]

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Shipping Cost Add-ons

This post was last updated on 05-20-2018Depending on the types and quantities of items within an order, there may be times when we may have to contact you regarding a shipping cost add-on once your order is actually packaged and weighed. For a detailed explanation regarding this, please see this section for details.

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This post was last updated on 03-08-2019To be perfectly honest, we don't have an official public policy regarding warranty of products, nor do any of the other road case parts vendors themselves, as far as we can see in writing. Case building companies on the other hand provide specified warranties, because of the particular nature [...]

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Where Do I Begin?

This post was last updated on 08-23-2018As you can imagine we get dozens, if not hundreds, of inquiries each week with questions such as, can you help me design my case, what will I need to build a case for my guitar, I'm not sure where to get started can you call me so we [...]

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