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ABS Plastic Sheet

**** ABS may incur additional shipping cost with UPS not assessed at the time of order based on UPS's Dimensional Weight policies and calculations. We will contact you regarding payment if additional charges apply ***.

Black ABS Plastic Sheet - Used to laminate to your own locally-purchased plywood thickness of your choice. The sheet is smooth on the side that gets laminated to your plywood, and has a slightly textured haircell finish on the exterior side that helps minimize/camouflage scratches and abrasions. It ships rolled up for economical shipping cost and can be easily cut with a utility knife. We recommend that you make your cuts with the haircell finish side facing up, as this finish helps prevent your blade from straying away from your cut line. The proper adhesive for laminating is of the utmost importance. Contact cement, or multi-purpose adhesives are a definite no-no. The one that we sell is formulated for laminating plastics to wood. However, you must carefully follow all of our instructions in our tutorials. The correct adhesive is only half of the battle for successful laminating in a DIY environment. Also, it's important to make sure that your wood is good and dry . . . dampness can affect the process. Maybe not right away, but after the wood drys completely out later on. The wood should also be smooth and sanded and free from any cracks, crevices, or deformities.

See our laminating tutorial PDF document and video here

ABS Plastic Sheet Dimensions

7 ft. 11.5 in. (2.426m)  x   3 ft. 11.5 in x  (1.206m) 

Thickness: .04"

NOTE: Regarding the size of the ABS sheet . . . it is made just a bit smaller than actual 4 'x 8', because during sheet-to-sheet laminating between plywood and ABS in the factory you need a little space between the edges of the wood and the ABS to allow for proper alignment of the sheets during the laminating process.

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Additional Information

48" X 96" Sheet
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11 Reviews

  • 5

    abs plastic sheet

    Posted by Brian on 4th May 2023

    great product, quality material

  • 5

    No surprises, Great product!

    Posted by George K Keck on 31st Oct 2018

    My order included this black ABS textured sheet, 1/2" T&G, medium latches, medium handle. All were expertly packaged to protect against damage/scrapes/shifting. The laminate was rolled up smooth side to the inside. Perfect! It cut okay with a sturdy box cutter, though I ended up using an old pair of EMT shears that worked just as well. The case I built for my 16-channel Peavey mixer with these materials looks as good as if not better than the Anvil cases for my other P.A. and drum equipment. I'll be back!!!

  • 5

    Nice touch.

    Posted by Jim Duffy on 19th Mar 2016

    I was originally hesitant to get the laminate, but I am really glad that I did. Easy to work with. Looks great.

  • 5


    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2016

    Love the ABS plastic laminate - works great, looks great, somewhat simple to cut with the right knife.

  • 5

    Super fast shipping and better than expected

    Posted by Johnathon Vigrass on 20th Dec 2014

    Product shipped same day that I ordered. Product arrived very well packaged and better quality than I expected. I will order again.

  • 5

    The Black Box

    Posted by Dj Oz on 5th Nov 2014

    This is what I was going for. The look the feel I look like a pro Thank you.

  • 5

    Great quality ABS and packed well

    Posted by Mike D on 2nd May 2013

    I purchased 3 sheets of this black ABS. It came rolled up in a sturdy box. No shipping damage to mine, but I know this varies widely depending on what kind of mood the UPS Man is in the day your box gets delivered. This ABS cuts easily with a SHARP, NEW utility knife blade. Put a new blade in your knife and you'll have no problems. Do yourself a favor and use the recommended 3M 90 Spray Adhesive. Yes; it's expensive. But you get what you pay for.

  • 5

    Shipping Damage

    Posted by Chuck J on 20th Apr 2013

    The product itself is great!! However, when I removed itfrom the box, there was some small chips out of the side of two of the sheets. This is no doubt shipping damage but I would suggest that the ends of the roll be padded better. It didn't affect my project but it could have if the chip were any deeper. Also, I had to remove about a foot long patch of the gummy residue left from clear tape. It took several tries with different solvents to get it off. I'm in the final construction phase so I'll send photos when complete.

  • 5

    Features not listed

    Posted by John Guiles on 3rd Nov 2012

    On the DIY Roadcases store, it doesn't mention that one side of this sheet is textured. The surface is very much like my new JBL speaker cabinets on one side and shiny smooth on the other. This rough surface minimizes the appearance of light surface scratches that happen while moving (It will also make quick work of taking the skin off of a stray knuckle). Also, I ordered two plastic sheets which were neatly rolled up and placed in a box that was about 12 inches square and 48 inches long, saving tons on shipping, but that's not all! When this stuff rolled out, it didn't have the ends trying to curl up. It laid flat out! This made me happy because I didn't have to wait for a warm spell to flatten it out. A little advice that I couldn't find on site...get yourself a straight edge and use a utility knife with a new blade to make your cuts. Cut on the textured side. You don't have to cut all the way through, but MOST of the way through, then you can snap it just like drywall. If you cut the smooth side, the blade leaves a ridge on the side that you need to glue down (If you've never cut drywall before, a youtube video on cutting drywall will give you a visual idea of what I'm saying). You don't want that ridge on the smooth side but it won't harm anything on the textured side. A saw blade will also cut the ABS sheet but it is VERY hard to handle the sheet on a table saw, even for two people, and it makes a rough cut. Last thing, the sheet is not quite 96X48 It was 47-7/16 wide, I imagine the length is also 9/16 short, but I wasn't cutting that direction, so I didn't get an exact measurement. I just noticed it was shorter than 96 inches. Enjoy your project! DIY ROAD CASES® RESPONSE :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Hi John, Thanks very much for your feedback and recommendations. Just FYI regarding the size of the ABS sheet . . . it is made just a bit smaller than 4 x 8, because during sheet-to-sheet laminating in the factory you need a little space between the edges of the wood and the ABS to allow for proper purging of air between the sheets when they pass through the press roller. I guess we never addressed that because we have never had anyone whose case dimensions were such that they needed every bit of the ABS sheet or plywood, but I guess there may always a first time! I have also made changes to the description details for the ABS based on your feedback. Thanks again! Jonathan Beacon Director of Sales & Merchandising DIY Road Cases® 213-341-0026 Ext.707

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