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Here you can access a variety of free help videos from our YouTube Channel. Please keep in mind that these are help videos for particular topics, but in no way take the place of our Flagship Educational Suite for learning everything from A to Z regarding case building.

Click Here For All Of Our Specialty Support Tutorials Which Contains: 

     - How To Build A Photo Booth
     - Road Case Design Preparation
     - Pneumatic Rivet Gun Operation & Maintenance

Click Here For All Of Our Specialty Support Tutorials Which Contains:

      - How To Remove Rivets & Replace Parts
      - Applying Graphics & Wraps
     - Installing Handle & Latch Backplates
     - Cutting Custom Foam Interiors
     - Cutting Corner Extrusion
     - Cutting Hybrid Tongue & Groove Extrusion
     - Sliding DJ Laptop Deck Solutions
     - Installing Edge & Corner Casters
     - Extrusion Merging
     - Foam Management & Savings Tip
     - Laminating ABS Plastic To Wood
     - Partition & Divider Extrusion Options
     - Removing & Replacing Foam
     - Rivet Tool Adapter For Drills

Click Here For All Of Our FAQ Tutorials Which Contains:

     - Determining Parts Needed To Build A Case
     - Caster Board Assemblies
     - Cheaply Priced Cases vs Building Yourself
     - Tips Regarding Black Parts & Hardware
     - Air Bubbles In Your Laminated Plywood
     - Tips Regarding Adhesives
     - 3/4" Case Walls Discussed
     - Tips Regarding Cutting Aluminum Extrusion
     - Plywood Thicknesses Discussed
     - Tips Regarding Removing & Replacing Foam
     - Rivet Grip vs Rivet Length Explained
     - Plywood Types Discussed
     - The Benefits Regarding Our Shipping Central & Payment Central Options

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