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POP Extra Long Rivet

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  • POP Extra Long Rivet
  • POP Extra Long Rivet


Smooth Rivets with Aluminium Body and Steel Mandrel

Diameter 4.8mm / 3/16"

Length 24mm / 15/16"

Grip range 15.9mm / 5/8" - 19mm / 3/4"

Backing Washers available S1148

 Extra Long Rivet - May be used in situations where case design and associated parts may require a longer rivet due to the combination of items to be riveted together when building cases with 1/2" case walls, such as when extrusion, corners, and corner braces overlap - especially when internal backing washers are utilized. If you are unsure which rivet to use regarding your 1/2" case walls, we recommend that you get at least a 50/50 mix of this rivet and our CNS6690 Rivet for 3/8" & 1/2" case walls. That way, you can use this CNS6690 for the "thinner" spots and this CNS6700 for the "thicker" spots. It's a tightrope scenario, because most people don't like too much of the rivet tube sticking out on the inside of the case, because when the rivet draws up during installation it can leave a large "glob" protruding on the inner wall once the rivet is set in place, which then can interfere with internal installations (foam, dividers, rack rail, mounted components, etc. If you have a mixture of the two rivets, you can minimize the amount of rivet protruding on the inside, while making sure that your rivets are not too short when adequate length is required.

May be installed with pneumatic rivet gun or manual hand rivet tool.

Rivet Quantity Rule of Thumb Information:

- an average case with extrusions, 2 latches, 2 handles, 8 corners & 8 corner braces requires at least 200 rivets. If you are unsure, simply add up how many mounting holes for all of your parts. As far as extrusions go, the rule of thumb is approximately 16 rivets per stick of corner extrusion based on spacing the rivets 8 - 10 inches apart, and approximately 8 rivets per stick of Hybrid Tongue & Groove in miscellaneous locations, based on latch placement and case dimensions.

- purchase 1/2 as many backing washers as rivets.

Installation of parts, hardware & extrusions

- All parts

Material: Aluminum with steel mandrel

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Additional Information

Specifications Drawing:
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1 Review

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    Grab a few of these even if you think you don't need them

    Posted by Brendon Cheves on 15th Oct 2013

    Something will come up in your project. Maybe a handle with a thicker than normal plate. Or, you decide to install a secret compartment with a little thicker wood. Whatever the case, a bag of these on hand is a good idea.

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