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Heavy Duty Braked Castor
Swivel Castor with Total Lock Brake.
Braked Swivel Castor: 100mm/4in
Wheel: Blue Rubber
Load Capacity: 200Kg /440lb
Material: Steel.
Finish: Zinc
Fixing Slots: 13 x 9mm
Can be used with:
Castor Plate W0094 and Universal Wheel Plate W8980
  • BEST QUALITY:Precision ball bearings in the caster swivel and axel provide smooth and easy rolling. The caster chair wheels internal bearing are quick rolling and the surface is sleek, wouldn't get stuck by crumbs, hair and grit, you would enjoy smooth and silent moving.
  • NO NOISING AND SCRATCH:Encased with endless durability and high shock absorption. these replacement casters can give you smooth & quiet rolling without causing any squeaky sounds, and guaranteed not to scratch or leave marks on any surface.
  • SAFTY WHEELS:The swivel dual lock caster kit is definitely the perfect solution for easily positioning your steel stand to any desired area. Double lock mechanism locks both the wheel and the swivel bearing at the same time, and does not slip away at all, which is very important for your safety.Meanwhile, Just pull up the brake and you can easily unlock and use the wheel smoothly.
  • UNIVERSAL USE:The stem casters are widely used for a multitude of applications.Such as light equipment, flight cases, display /exhibition equipment, shopping carts, hand trolley, movable furniture including dressers, crates, chairs, under bed storage, shoe bins, toy bins, cabinets, stands, dollies etc.
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3 Reviews

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    Heavy duty & smooth, but may not last

    Posted by Patrick Lunceford on 22nd May 2016

    I bought a set of these for my drum hardware case as a heavier duty alternative to the 3" casters that were included with it. These have been smooth-rolling and quiet with a solid brake. But one of the brake levers became stubborn about a month ago, and as I went to pull the case out of my truck this weekend, the lever shifted out of place and stuck. Upon further inspection, the brake lever was halfway off the brake mechanism and jammed there. I eventually freed it, but part of the brake mechanism has broken off. I would be OK with this sort of thing after a few years of service, but it has been less than 7 months, and I am CAREFUL with my gear. The case under 200 lbs., I only use my hands to engage the brakes once the case is loaded, and I don't let anyone ride it. I don't know if this is common or a freak occurrence. They seem like nice casters, otherwise. :::::::::::::::::::: DIY Road Cases® Response ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I am sorry that you experienced this. Caster brakes can be a 50-50 proposition when it comes to longevity - no matter how heavy duty, or expensive. The more heavy duty (and more expensive) they become is also commensurate with the amount of weight that they will support, and the rigors with which they will be subject to, so it's all relevant no matter what the caster. They take a beating and brake mechanisms take an even worse beating. Also, no matter how careful folks may be, casters with brakes seem to always invariably get moved with the brake engaged (even if the person is not aware that the brake isn't completely disengaged), which will kill a caster brake mechanism quick. They are also subject to getting hit during movement (forklifts, curbs, stairs, other obstructions, etc.). They are the weakest link in the caster assembly. This is why we provide such a disclaimer to customers letting them know these things on the product details pages for our casters with brakes. All in all, 7 months isn't bad for the life of a break mechanism. After a tour, many cases have their casters replaced, if they have not already been replaced during the tour. Best wishes, Jonathan Beacon Director of Sales & Merchandising DIY Road Cases®

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    Best Caster Value around

    Posted by Trinity Productions - NORCAL on 21st May 2013

    Ordered some of these not sure or expecting what we would get. We have had standard 4" casters from other suppliers, but when these showed up in UPS, opened box, boy were we surprised. These are solid Penn Elcom casters that are BEEFY ! Solid construction and the swivel comes pre-greased, now that it something you don't find with others...thanks much DIY Road Cases

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    These ROCK

    Posted by The Drifter Band on 12th Apr 2013

    These are some heavy duty ass kicking casters. The brake mechanism is top notch, not like those teeter totter type of brake things on the side of a caster. Don't waste your money on look-alike ones from Home Depot because those won't hold up over time.

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