Shipping Cost - Orders $400+


Please understand that aside from purchasing digital items, printed materials, or smaller orders of parts & materials, placing orders for heavy, over-sized, or dimensionally-squirrely case parts and materials may require special packaging requirements or means of shipment. Due to the size and weight of some parts and materials, ordering such items can be much different than what you may be used to when making other purchases online. Therefore, the costs associated with shipping parts & materials for road case building is not a cut-and-dry issue.

An online store shipping calculator has no way to distinguish such variances, and can not always be pre-set as if you were purchasing a watch, a book, or other items that may easily have pre-set shipping costs online. As an order's total cost begins to increase at our store, the selection of, and quantities of, certain items will require a proper assessment from a human perspective to determine the most economical packaging configurations to get you the best shipping cost possible for an order. Therefore, the online store shipping calculator will not assess shipping charges on orders over $400.00.

Having said all of this, if your estimated shipping cost in your shopping cart reads "$0.00" when you place your order, we will need to contact you regarding the shipping cost and payment. We will review your order, perform a packaging configuration economy study, and apply that study to our UPS shipping calculator (or get quotes from freight carriers if required), in order to determine the cheapest possible shipping cost for your order. We only do this to offer our customers the most cost savings possible. We will then facilitate your shipping payment via our Shipping Central section at our online store.

If you do not want to place your order without knowing the shipping you may contact us to pre-arrange shipping, and this payment will also then be facilitated through our Shipping Central section at our online store. Simply take a screen capture(s) of your entire shopping cart, including the order total. Or you can print your shopping cart as a PDF file. Email this to us - along with telling us your shipping zip code. We will then calculate shipping and create a shipping payment item in our Shipping Central section and send you the link. You will then simply add this shipping payment item into the shopping cart with your items and check out - that's all there is to it!

23rd Nov 2012

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