To be perfectly honest, we don't have an official public policy regarding warranty of products, nor do any of the other road case parts vendors themselves, as far as we can see in writing. Case building companies on the other hand provide specified warranties, because of the particular nature of workmanship and production that goes into constructing cases, and therefore a warranty is not only common, but needed.

So here's how it works with us... we stand behind our stuff. If it malfunctions during your build, we'll replace it. If your latch mechanism is defective upon installation, we'll send you a new one. If something happens to slip past our quality control and something is defective in some way when you receive it, we'll replace it. And the reason we can say this, is because we have kept track, and since we started business here at DIY Road Cases we have only had to send out a replacement part 6 times.

Our parts are top quality. We are exclusive partners with the world's leading parts manufacturer based in the UK. Our manufacturer makes parts for most of the road cases companies globally, and their unofficial warranty policy is the same as our policy.

Now, having said all of that... there are always exceptions, as there will always be someone that wants to play games. So... if you are calling us 8 times a year telling us that your latch or handle broke... we might become a little suspect. If we ask for a photo of your broken latch and the side of the case looks like a tractor trailer pinched it against a concrete wall... we might be a little suspect. Case part finishes will always vary a bit. The plating industry isn't an exact science, and different batches might look slightly different. Also, parts will eventually rust a bit from wear and tear on the finishes, etc., so it would be a rare instance that we would replace a part based on its finish. We will take replacements on a case-by-case basis (pun intended). But rest assured... we know all the tricks, and we know the quality of our materials... if it's legit, we'll replace it with no drama. We haven't left anyone dissatisfied yet.

7th Jul 2016

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