Case Kits for 3/8 "9mm"

Case Kits for 3/8 "9mm"

  M847111    Hexa Birch Black /9mm/ 3/8" Thick

  H7154Z      Handle /Medium/ Zink Bright / Recessed 

  H1906        Backplate/Recessed Handle

L925/527    Latch / Flop Down / Large / Recessed

L0526         Backplate / Latch

1000           Large Heavy Duty Ball Corner with Offset

10231         Large Heavy Duty Ball Corner with Offset

P1980N       Strut Hinge Stay / Surface

1965            Hinge 2"/ Continuous

FW15/15B  QuickClamp™ Brace Set for 3/8"

3100           3/8 Groove Extrusion Male

3103           3/8 Extrusion Female

3109           3/8 Double Angle Corner Extrusion 

6690            POP Rivet 3/8" & 1/2" Wall need apx 150

6700            POP Extra Long Rivet need apx 50


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